Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Damn You, Leap Year!

It came to my attention Sunday morning (or rather, that afternoon, as I woke up at 12pm), that it was already March. When the fuck did that happen??

I shouldn't really complain, since just last week I was convinced that the next month was actually April. Time goes fast enough these days that I don't really notice when months come and go...even when they're not going anywhere. Life is like one long, grueling day, lucid dreams mostly bridging the gap between days to make it seem like I've never really fallen asleep at all. I honestly can't tell the difference between what happens in reality, and what I imagine in my subconscious.

Anywho, my point being, the past couple of weeks have gone by in a blur and I should probably recap them for my own sake lest they disappear from my memory forever (Hel-lo senility at 24!)

I also like lists and making extra blog posts, as opposed to including them all in one hit. It makes it seem like there is less to read, so readers can't complain about being bored.

Valentine's Day Weekend
This was Rybotz and I's 2nd year together. We decided to celebrate my giving eachother the gift of a sexy virus. I managed to get away with only two days of relative misery, but I was a much better giver. He was incapacitated whole weekend by a general mess of mucus induced coughing. Though it did give him an attractively deep Barry-White-esque baritone, this was usually accompanied by excessive hacking and the question, "Why does my life have to suck so much?" My gift was apparently not appreciated.

So, most of the weekend was spent sleeping profusely (which I am not opposed to), making trips to the pharmacy, and frantically trying to find food as we were too tired/lazy to cook. (Granted, our kitchen is covered in cockroach carcasses - not too appetizing.) At the checkout counter, the pharmacist rung up my Valentine's stash: Robitussin, Gatorade,Vick's Vapo-Rub, antibiotics, box of tissues and 24pk of Trojan Magnums. As I asked her if pseudophedrine would work on my boyfriend's mucus-filled lungs, I realized that I should have added "This is not what it looks like."

All that aside, Rybotz and I did become closer in our mutual sickness. And we did manage to have our moments. He braved cigarette smoke and factory mildew at Death by Audio so that we could see Class Actress live. They were awesome, the decor was sweet, and so was Rybotz. I could see the twinkle in his eyes as he leaned into me with the music. And then blew his nose.

Stay tuned for more posts that are a bit belated.

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