Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Curious Events @ "Limits of Control"

Yesterday, Ryan and I, two aspiring filmmakers with only a dream in their pockets (the rest was just lint and old buttons) had a chance glimpse into the crazy, exciting world of Jim Jarmusch, and the people around him. Here are just some of the highlights from that night (more about the premier on my film blog):

Jim Jarmusch....
  • Walking down Houston with an entourage of people, including Ryan and I.
Hanging out with Bill Murray....
  • Who decided to wear a red visor and criss-cross striped pajama pants to the swanky Shang after-party.....apparently the hair part of the visor...?
  • He asks if Ryan and I are friends. We say we are dating. He looks at him, then at me. Mr. Murray, as he leans in: "You must be an animal!"
  • Some Tribeca girl who doesn't have a clue switches on her itty-bitty recorder and starts asking great questions like ,"What did it feel like to wear a tupee? Have you ever worn one before? Why was there an American flag pin on your suit?" He patronizes, but kindly, in his Murray way. At one point, he pretends to smack her in the ass, good-naturedly.
  • I say "So Jim says you didn't improvise the scene in the movie at all." He says, "Improvising is really just when you forget your lines."

  • Ryan talks to Bill about his new zombie movie. He also mentions that this party is "atypical...I don't even know what street I'm on right now."
Tilda Swinton.....
  • Hugs Bill Murray. They chat. We stand in awe.
Gael Garcia Bernal....
  • Yes, he is still just as good looking in person.
  • He and his girlfriend are probably the cutest couple ever.
Paz de la Huerta.....
  • Meows at Jim Jarmusch to get his attention when I finally get to talk to him. Strangely cute.
Amos Poe.......
  • "I knew [Paz] before she had an ass!"
  • "You're a Jewish Italian," among other Jew-ish jokes about me.
  • Champagne (in a mini bottle!)
  • Vodka and Coke
  • Another Vodka and Coke
  • Vodka and Red Bull (BLEHH, but it didn't matter at that point)
  • Curry Puff (what was in that shit?)
  • Jerk Chicken
  • Artichoke Salad
  • Fried Rice
  • Homeade Cole Slaw
  • Shrimp Puff (wanted more! where shrimp puff man go?)
  • Mini Cookies and Muffins!
Sadly, I didn't want to be "THAT GIRL" who took photos all night, so I just soaked it in with my mind. I think it's gonna be hard to forget this one though.

Pillow Fight NYC 2009 (et al..)

We came. We saw. We conquered. [With pillows.]

(Time Out NY Video Still)

Followed by a weekend of.....

Earth Day Party @ Surah and Nora's Apartment (flowers and vodka, oh my!)

Dancing @ Pianos bar

Checking out the Bob Ross party --> LAME (we took some photo booth pictures, in which all of them featured Phil's face and our cut off heads)

Cupcakes and Conversation at Cake Shop

Thee Oh-Sees Concert (which was really awesome, except for that fucking annoyingly grating saxophone, which felt as if you were stuck amidst the loud honking of a traffic mob for an exceedingly long, breathless time.)

Agathe's Last Day in NYC! (we sat outside of Cafe Dante like the Europeans, sipping espresso and reflecting on good times.)

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