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The UnKosher Story
Back in 2007, while I was finishing up my last semester at NYU: Tisch, I was notified that my short doc, "Unkosher," had been accepted into the First Glance Film Fest in Philadelphia.

It was a pleasant surprise, considering its amateur quality. The doc was the product of a documentary filmmaking course and centered on the main premise of my not being Jewish. In it, I discuss why people often make the assumption of my heritage, what it has to do with my Roman Catholic upbringing, and thus my identity. It was a very personal project, admittedly somewhat selfish. The fact that it was actually being shown to an audience made me both nervous and proud at the same time. So I started a blog to spread the word.

It has since become a platform for my many musings. And not so much about my mistaken identity, but my present one: as a writer, goofball, and hopeless nostalgic.

The Unkosher Girl
I'm originally from Middletown, NJ, but have lived in New York for 7 years, and happily call Brooklyn my home.

Here is a list of my interests in no particular order: writing, film, drawing, art, reading, music, daydreaming, sleeping, museums, historical places, traveling, talking (preferably with people).

Here are some other fun facts:
  • I am a certified meat-eater. 
  • I drink all beverages as if sipping through a straw, even when there isn't one.
  • I scribble reminders on the palm of my hand so I don’t forget them AND so they’re only partly visible to others. (This, I feel, is a win-win situation.)
  • I am obsessed with miniature things, depictions of food on accessories, and miniature depictions of food. If it smiles and it's edible, I will most likely swoon. And possibly eat it.
  • I throw my clothes on the floor when I take them off, and they usually stay there.
  • I have a six year old trapped in my twenty-four year old body. True story. 

    I studied as an undergraduate in Film & TV at New York University: Tisch School of the Arts. Now I'm almost $200,000 in debt! :: gives thumbs up::

    I currently produce test commercials for a production house based in NYC. I have also dabbled in animating, modeling, film editing, acting and milking cows. You can see some of my works on my website/shameless plug (.....no footage of milking cows here however, which is unfortunate.)
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