Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Welcome to the Confessions of a Goy!

In lieu of the new documentary, "UNKOSHER," being accepted into the First Glance Film Festival in Philadelphia, I've decided to update people on my daily life as a non-jewess, hoping to get y'all to come by and sneak a peek at my autobiographical (and yes, arguably, selfish) documentary on how I'm not Jewish.

Don't worry, I promise you it's a much more complicated plot then that.

But you'll see! and for now I'll be updating the page with photos and maybe some other things (as long as long as I don't get sidetracked by my current obsession with JLo and flaming lawnmowers.....I'll explain later...) in the near future.

So, keep checking back, and show your support, 'cause god knows this gentile needs it.

Self-deprecation. It's another one of those qualities that makes me feel so akin to Woody Allen....

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