Friday, August 10, 2007

Head in the Clouds

I feel as if I could fall asleep anywhere right now. So i apologize, if by chance that occurs anytime during this entry.

It's a rainy day, and the darkness isn't helping my sleepiness. Maybe it was that burger I ate too. With all those fries. And the lack of water. And the impending events of the day/night.

Lauren Fender's birthday is today. So I will be partying at the open bar. Then retiring to someone's place (I don't know where yet), only to wake up early to go back to Staten Island, then leave again.

I will be PA on one of our biography interview shoots. That's where the JLo obsession comes in. I'm associate producer for her A&E Biography, for my internship at Triple Threat Television. So, for an hour tomorrow, I will be Perez Hilton's make-up artist. Surreal.

I'm very excited and wondering what I should wear. And hoping I won't be as tired tomorrow as I am now.

I've finished all my work for today and trying to make myself productive, which is why I thought iI'd blog today....and pretend I was doing something.

Nothing particuarly Jewish to report. Except the usual ramblings and worryings. You know the drill.

Now I must go cash my checks. Like a good little Jew would.

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