Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pun in a Million! [::nudge nudge::]

My friend Phil* had an idea for a script once that was based entirely on the use of puns. He titled it, quite aptly, "Pun in a Million." (just thought I'd clear that up in case you thought I was trying to take credit for it. I'm not that clever guys!)

In reality, I've never been one to pun. I'll be the first to admit my jokes are pretty wamp-wah in nature, but I haven't sunk to the embarrassingly father-like humor of punnery; the kind your dad will repeat over and over again as his trademark line. Case in point, Daddy Stromberg: "You want some furniture, IKEA. You talk back to me, IKEA." (Har har har)

I notice a lot of blogs utilize paronomasia in their titles, which is mostly where the inspiration for "Goy Vey" was born. This is mainly the extent of my pun-ability. I often wonder if this was a bad choice....does this devalue my writing? Do I sound like I'm actually a glasses-wearing dork who secretly laughs at her own bad jokes?........Ahh, shit ::looks in mirror::

I guess I'm sort of a fan of clever puns that focus on grammatical wordplay, like these fine blogging gals:

Hyperbole and a Half
My Inflammatory Writ
Some Whine With Cheese

I love goofing around with words. Ryan and I (and whomever agrees to join into our world of odd hobbies) love taking random strange and magnificent phrases we overhear or suddenly blurt out to be later used as band names and titles for our future-imagined book of memoirs. It's become quite a past time.

Most of the greats have been lost over time. So I've started writing them down in an effort to share their glory with others. So without further ado, here is the list (thusfar) of Memoir Titles/Band Names/Album Titles (What Have You)....

"Sorry for My Greasy Napkin"
"I Opened My Mouth and My Teeth Got Cold"
"Boomerang of Knowledge"
"Dancing for Whispers"
"This Is What a Rainbow Sounds Like"
"Express Walk to Harlem"
"Johnny Depp's Sweat Stains"
"Sexy Virus"
"Always an Adventure at the Mic"
"City Red"
"Sweatin' in the Grocery Store"

Try it. Good times will be had by all.

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