Monday, March 1, 2010

Can It Be: Football Beats Puppets?

So going through my blog list, I came across a post I never published. Mostly because it was never finished.

Instead of beating myself over the head and throwing an inner tantrum about completely fucking up the timeline of my blog (where is your CONTROL Tara! This blog is now RUINED!), I will do what my therapist suggests and let it go. And also post it. Without blaming myself. It's just a blog dammit!

From Feb 8, 2010
It has been a year since my post about the last Super Bowl. Oh how time does fly.

In Feb. of '09, we had all three of our favorite European gals with us: Agathe (France), Chloe (Scotland), and Rixa (Germany). But this weekend, only Chloe was there to stay on our couch, and she'll be gone after her Wednesday stand-up show at Sidewalk Cafe, leaving us Americans in the dust.

I am hoping that we will see our foreign female friends come this May *if* Ryan and I can indeed take our trip to [said countries]! (Sorry, though, Scotland. We've left you out of the running in favor of Italy. I'm sure you understand.)

But back to this weekend. In contrast to last year, February 2010 seems very uneventful. Perhaps I am exaggerating, since us New York kids are so spoiled with radical things to do at every moment. What, we can't take a weekend off? And still, there were some highlights this weekend worth mentioning, so don't mind if I do....

Puppet Playlist Night @ the Tank, featuring "Country Music"
Try, for a moment if you will, to picture yourself in an auditorium, listening to a hipster yokel stamping to the [only] beat, and singing like Clooney in "O Brother Where Art Thou?", then switching immediately to a crazy-eyed animatronic puppet staring soullessly into the audience as she sings about perfume made from broccoli. Then the lights go down and her head twitches with an electronic jerk, like a terminator robot. Scared? Upset? Bleeding from your ears? As you should be.

This has since been lost from my memory. Those of you with better brain power can help me out on this one.

Super Bowl @ Brian's.....again!
This year we actually WATCHED the game (it was fucking boring.) However, it was much more rewarding than watching puppets. Joy made some great pulpy, fruity drinks that completely masked the fact that we were actually getting drunk off tequila. I ate some McDonald's while everyone settled for soggy Blockheads, and..........

...Yeah, like hell I remember the rest. I keep telling myself that if it were important and exciting I would be able to recall it, but I think it's just an excuse for me getting to be old and senile at 24. What was I talking about again?

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