Friday, February 26, 2010

NYPD Smackdown

A funny thing happened at work on Sunday....

First, I pulled the alarm. I was opening that day, and seemed to have mixed up the numbers on the code. At 10:30am it was pretty jarring to experience blaring sirens and flashing lights, but I remained calm (or half-asleep, I couldn't tell) as I called the receptionist. She told me the right code and the jarring ear-rape ceased. "I'm not sure, but the police might be coming," she said.

I should hope so. This is a building with a shit ton of computer equipment, and there's a 24 hour guard right downstairs. Luckily she saw me come in, but, it's NYC...why wouldn't they come? It was also Sunday morning, and dealing with police seemed like the worst thing to start off a week with.

Slightly less droopy-eyed, I bided my time throwing out the stale donuts and putrid coffee from the day before. A rep from the alarm company walked in with a knowing look of empathy. I put my tail between my legs and signed the paper that said "Yes, you guys responded to the alarm, even though it was not a burglar, but a bleary-eyed 24 year old who is apparently dyslexic."

As my crew started filtering in and complaining about the lack of coffee, I felt more at ease and laughed at the incident with some of them. I was already sitting down at my computer (on the couch in an edit suite, which is the location of my ever-changing desk) when I hear an unfamiliar voice outside.

Me, being a high strung producer type, RUSH out from the room,
behind a frosted wall panel,
towards the front office,
(don't want people to get freaked out by police in the workplace at 11am),
and SKIIIIIID to a stop..
right behind a cop.
Who then jumps,
swivels like a top,
and strikes a jujitsu pose like he's going to take me down.

Luckily he realized that I was only a lanky white girl with Lisa Loeb glasses before he could pounce on me (which would have been an even better story). He just managed to exhale a, "You scared the shit out of me."

Contrary to shitting my pants, I was actually quite impressed by the rather short and stocky cop's stellar reflexes. If he had had his pepper spray out I would have been screwed.

This is an accurate reenactment.

I also found out that only minutes before, they had been creeping into the front area, bewildered by the TV playing "Spirited Away" and the lights all on, wondering where everyone was. As animator, Anthony, (who happened to be wearing stripes and a beanie cap, and is also Hispanic), was walking to the kitchen, he saw Mr. Stocky Cop edging towards him with a gun pointed straight at his chest.

We all concluded that this would have been the shittiest way to die.

Luckily we were all able to laugh it off after the cops left, especially after they asked us if our office was a karaoke place. Apparently, having an audio studio and walls painted neon green gives people the notion that we deal with bad singers and alcohol.

At least we can count on our city's best for their brawn. And, that you should never sneak up on a cop. Always a lesson learned.

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mylittlebecky said...

bleck, i hate alarms! good thing you got a story out of it :)

Tara Rose Stromberg said...

indeed. and good thing no one was shot.

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