Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I've Created A Monster

You may have noticed that Goy Vey has went under the knife and changed its look from "This-Is-Obviously-a-Blogger-Template" to "This-Is-a-Slightly-Better-Template-That-May-Not-Be-As-Common-and-I've-Obviously-Invested-Some-Time-In."

I was tired of looking at my blog and realizing that it had nothing interesting about it except for my wonderful writing, the pun-tastic title and my big-nosed mug on the left. It needed some personalization, as you can see from my stream-of-consciousness banner. (Think of them as all my personalities if you will, battling it out inside my mind, forcing me to constantly ask...WHAT is my real identity?? WHAT IS IT? ::pants, out of breath::)

I admit it was a little daunting to take on HTML. I've never done it and I really still not sure how. But I'm good at three things: researching, process of elimination, and of course, the copy and paste function.

Now for the exciting part: somehow I figured out how to add links - many links! a menagerie of links! - to my home page so you may be directed to my many other blogs of interest, including my reel (which is really just my works organized in blog posts........sssshh.)

Also, at the top there is the infamous About Me page, as well as some (get ready for this) a link to MORE Links, which breaks it all down for ya, making it easier for those to stalk me.

Check out the links. Use 'em. Wear 'em out.

In the meantime I will be playing catch up on all the posts I should have been writing whilst engaging in some selfish blog beautification.

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Your pants are out of breath

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