Tuesday, February 16, 2010

To Be Brief, or Not to Be Brief

I will try to curtail this posting of the usual lengths, so as not to scare the faint of reading away.

Yes, I am talking to you! Thou who has not the time nor the desire to read through such wordy entries, which require so many tiresome scrolls and the squinting of red, bleary eyes into the throbbing, epileptic interlacing of thine computer screen.

Oh, how I cry for thee.

And I do. It's a lot to ask someone to read through my rants each day, pretending to give a hootenanny about my odd, childlike obsessions and musings on humdrum life, when there are many other non-Jewish girls out there, living in NYC and thinking that their day-to-day thoughts are just as worthy of being read. I'll be the first to admit that mine is not a remarkable status.

This blog (among my others - I could never do anything in small doses) was created for the purpose of....
a.)....having a creative outlet that is both easily accessible and less intimidating than putting a pen to paper
b.)....keeping memories from fading from my aging mind
c.)....putting a fire under my ass - the best way to get things done is to threaten oneself with potential public failure.
However, I would be remiss to not admit that of those three reasons, there is a wee little part of my humble mind that would love for other people to be reading. To enjoy. To show that they...care, perhaps? This might stem from a deeply seeded unfulfilled childhood need for self-worth, OR, it could just be that I'd like to have people that find some worth in my writing, aside from my selfish reasons. If you'd like to leave a thought or share that you've read, it just makes me smile a little extra.

But I could never take advantage of this ability to share my thoughts with others to enforce my writing upon then. Do with it what you will. Take it or leave it.

And that said, for those of you who insist that what I write is too much for you to spend your time reading. Well...thou art lazy. But I can't hold it against you. I'm just not going to be changing my habits anytime soon.

Or should I? That is the question: do I forsake my long-winded nature to appeal to the masses? Or do I stay true to my words and blow a raspberry into the faces of those who'd rather not give me the time of day?

To whomever is out there, audience/loyal reader/avid writers/passing curious-eur.....if there is indeed anyone (let's not be cocky and presume here, folks)......as you come to the end of this not-so brief read.......what is your opinion on this question of brevity?

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