Friday, July 29, 2011

The Road to Zortopia Continues....

I've mentioned before that sometimes, when I'm all alone and feeling the desperate need to reach out to the fuzzying images of my fleeting childhood, I google "Zorts."

Or "Zortian."
Or just "Zort."

It's my hope that somewhere in this world, there's another 10 year-old stuck in a 20-something body, still drawing those 3-legged aliens with uninhibited glee.

Recently, I've been quite lucky.

And I'm still on the hunt! So, what a surprise to find that not only has my 1st discovery (I like giving myself credit for this as a self-proclaimed "Zortianographer"), Joe Kuth, had given me a little shout-out on his Red Panda Comics blog.

AND, out of the countless Google images that are still, sadly, my own, there was another glimmer of hope: a delightful Zort tribute by DeviantArt-ist Mike Dugan.

I need to start googling more often.

And, now that the men have fully represented in the Zortian department, I ask: where my girls at???

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