Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Here We Go Again....

So....this is happening again.

I know as soon as play food even enters my mind, I'm a goner. I don't think I've actually been conscious for the passed two days. I know, it's bad. I need some sort of conditioning experiment to instill horror with the mere thought of plastic in-edibles. But that would just take so much joy out of my life.

Case in point:

I've finally found proof that I'm not making my childhood up: I did, in fact, have Fisher Price waffles-in-a-box.
And of course, their syrup counterpart.
Oh, how I wish I appreciated their whimsical worth back then!

I could be one of those crazies and order it off Ebay, but I'm not crazy enough to pay $30. Hell, some of these "vintage" toys (80's is vintage now apparently, and thus, as am I) go for almost $60 or $70! Totally taking advantage of helpless nostalgics like me - good thing I'm a cheapskate.

However, this is not even the BEST part of my two day binge. I recently found this video on Facebook:

I call this the "Gateway Drug;," since after I watched it, I couldn't stop my obsessive quest for the Japanese toys they call "Popin Cookin" (edible) and "Konapun" (inedible).

Um, this shit is ridiculous, and it leaves me mesmerized. (Check out more here!)

Quite simply, I need one of these sets, and I need them now. I'm convinced they hold the key to my happiness.

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Organic Meatbag said...

wow...never knew they actually made play waffles...hahaha

Tara said...

Believe it! This is the cornerstone of my childhood, and subsequent breakfast obsession.

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