Friday, January 28, 2011

On the Brain: Bloggers

So, apparently the theme these past few weeks here in Unkosher-land is writing posts about random things so that I don't need to do any heavy thinking on my own. Sometimes you need a break, yaknowhatImean?

Back for yet another peek into the constant mish-mosh that is my mind, it's.....

THIS WEEK ON THE BRAIN: New Favorite Addiction Blogs

I love finding new blogs - it's like getting a quick fix. (...not that I would know.) 

You spend all day sucking in the delicious fumes of humor and introspection. Getting giddy with the feeling of newness as you discover this new world of a blogger. Then fall into a lifeless lump of procrastination and lethargy at the end of the night, dreaming about all you and this writer seem to have in common, to have shared in those fleeting moments of intimate reader-dom. 

And then the next day you read the slightly disturbing comment you left on their last post, glance around your dump of an apartment, and stare into the mindless recesses of your bleary eyes asking, what the hell happened?

This, my friends, is how I spend my nights: perusing the minds of equally neurotic, imaginative oddballs like myself. And fucking loving it.

Blogs That Automatically Win 
My Emoticon Heart
Adventures of Bacon
You had me at bacon. I honestly don't care what else the site is about - although luckily, it is about the daily travails of a plush bacon that can only repeat, "I'm bacon". Need I say more? 

My own betta fish:
the late and great sulking Selkie.
The Junk Drawer
Kathy's humor is the junk to my trunk. I thought that would sound funny. I also thought it would make sense. Neither of which are true.

The Sneeze
This man is funny - the male equivalent of Allie Brosh from Hyperbole. I was particularly tickled by his Betta fish story. In all fairness, I do have a soft spot for Betta fish, but now I can't really write about mine 'cause this dude already did it better.

Was That Awkward?
Each painstakingly funny post is closed with a rating on the awkwardness. Where have you been all my life?

Bent Objects

Not only are his photos adorably hilarious, they feature food (which is an automatic plus for me), and Terry Border is an inspiration: sometimes you don't always find your craft right away. But judging from his work, the wait is definitely worth it.

Anal Sex Is Sex
Seriously, it's not what you think.
....Okay, it is.
I'm not just putting her on here because she's one of my good friends; the girl can write, and apparently she can also have lots of sex.

Fake Science
Like Billy Nye, only snarkier.

I'm not a girly girl, as you've probably noticed. (.....Okay, correction, I don't let on that I'm a girly girl even though I really do love clothes and cute things because i have some childhood tomboy-envy issues.) Fille isnt your typical gal either, but she's got everything a woman should have: snappy writing, wit, and a helluva sleek, contemporary blog design. She is the woman I aspire to be - on my normal days.

Honorable Mention

These are the blogs that are in my Google Reader Evaluation stage; I read some posts, became slightly amused, and yearned to be further titillated. And so the evaluation begins....

Check these 20-gonna-be-somethin's out. You gals have got it - now flaunt it for your unkosher lady!

Please - send me more delicious blogs!!! Nom nom nom nom nom......

3 thoughts:

Kathy said...

Aw, thanks for the mention! I see you have Terry Border from Bent Objects on your list, too. He's awesome. Been following him for years and bought his book when it came out. I also tried to get him on the CBS Sunday Morning show because they always do an art piece. He'd be perfect for that. I haven't suggested him recently. Think I'll do that right now. Maybe if I keep bugging them, they'll bite.

Devon said...

Thank you so much for highlighting Bacon! He is thrilled beyond words and is currently bounding around the house yelling "I'M BACON!"

Tara Rose Stromberg said...

@Kathy: I had to share the love! :)

Yeah, Terry is a pretty funny dude; I listened to a conference he did in NY, and I was amazed that he sort of just fell into his new craft by accident. It's a great way to give hope to us creative people that are stuck worrying that we'll never get to do something truly fun and rewarding. Get that man on TV!

@Devon: Oh my god, no way, I'M bacon too!

.....sigh, only in my dreams.

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