Monday, May 3, 2010

Shameless Self-Promotion....What I Do Best

It's allllll about ME!


(*cough* please love me.) AHEM ^.^;;;; Please don't pay any attention to that small person; she is obviously retarded.

It may be that my creative pool has run dry (as is usually the case when I've had a shitload of work for a long time and then suddenly things are calm ::knock on wood::). Don't get me wrong I have tons of stuff to share (despite the fact that no one gives a damn), I just haven't had the energy or the brain power to squeeze it out. I start entries, then stop them, wondering what my inspiration was in the first place. Then I go back to making lists of the things I should be doing, and this sort of repeats itself in a dizzying, infinite cycle for the next few weeks.

I'm sure I'll get over it.

Meanwhile, allow me to invite you into the universe that seems to ever-revolve around me and my unkosher glory, and listen to my new VO Demo that I've been working on. Some of them are actual demos I've done for work, and others are exercises from a VO class I took back in October (with the wonderful Karen Murray! And since I am also a fan of shamelessly promoting others, please let this woman teach you how to make your voice a star.)

I'm still trying to fine tune things and add some more conversational character pieces, but I'm still open to critiques. This is your one chance to really be brutal on me and not feel like an asshole about it.

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